...we never forget that
we are an
extension of
your eyes and ears
in the field


It was a different world when we started Pacific Field Service in 1993. Residential foreclosures were uncommon and property inspections were routine. Early on, we built a strong network of inspection professionals, established solid processes, and developed technology to ensure smooth operations. When the mortgage crisis hit, we were ready

That was then—this is now

Today, we help some of the nation's largest mortgage servicers and investors assess risk and manage their default portfolios. We also continue to provide a wide selection of traditional and specialty inspection and verification services to a broad range of customers.

Our story is all about you

No matter what type of inspection we're performing, we never forget that we're an extension of you—your eyes and ears in the field. In that role, we maintain top-notch professionalism and deliver accurate reports that answer your questions completely. We're proud of our long-term customer relationships and were delighted to be named Bank of America/BACFSC Vendor of the Year for 2011.

Discover how different we are

Our distinct approach to on-site inspections focuses on these key differences:

Coast-to-coast and as close as your phone

Whether you need a 24-hour rush inspection or have a more leisurely timeframe, we're ready to move into action. We have the people, processes, and practical technology in place to be where your need us, when you need us there.

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